Kate Moss Sweeps in London with His Collection “KM Topshop”

Yesterday was put on sale in London the first collection of the British supermodel Kate Moss for Topshop, KM Topshop. The collection, which already can buy on the Internet, will be available soon at different points of sale all over the world. However, I do not think that any other site will have surprises as yesterday in London.

The model made the delight of the fans, carrying hours queuing at the door of Topshop, to the posing in the shop window dressed in one of her designs and surrounded by mannequins: a red dress very long she.

The truth is that, despite not being a large collection, but rather a reproduction of items that usually take Moss, it is not surprising the success of the opening. A success that is likely to spread to other collections of Topshop. Because Kate Moss loves Topshop, How many fans of the British end in love of her clothing also? Big business, Yes Sir.