Lagerfeld Vs Galliano. We Were Few and Became The Kaiser…

That’s right. When one thought that I had already seen and heard everything from the video of the sun until Kate Moss gives tips on rehabilitation and Galliano follows them ipso facto, appears Karl Lagerfeld and it gives the last stitch to the possibly more relevant soap opera of recent fashion history.

Y not be has bitten tongue. The beads that have gone out into his mouth, always serious and cautious, have been the most succulent. From “ I’m furious because this has happened “ to a series of statements that it is not that they will prove to be the most compassionate of the colleagues. And all of this has had it to the WWD.

The question is not what you say or not. The image has been seen around the world, and is a terrible fashion image, since most of the people believe that designers and fashion is as well. This is the most serious, now more than ever, with the Internet, one should be careful with his public image, you can not go out drunk.

Very well said. Now, it has not been in these subtle recommendations about drunkard and public behaviour:

I am furious with him for the damage that has done to LVMH and Bernard Arnault, my friend: it has supported you more than any other designer in the Group since Dior is your favorite brand.

That is, to make firewood from the fallen tree, Mr. We do not know to what extent a Galliano imported these words when it has been confirmed that finally Yes it will be processed by the events.