Lean Model Alarm at New York Fashion Week

The show of Victoria Beckham (41) at the New York Fashion Week as evaluated success was actually – the designer impressed fans and pundits. Now posh reaps however still a Shitstorm: your models are far too skinny.

How thin can a model be? That question preoccupies the world of fashion, and many critics for years. Victoria Beckham has himself in this respect long ago clearly positioned and banned size zero models from their catwalks – has she changed her mind now?

Bad example?
The 17 year-old Peyton Knight, who was allowed to close the show at New York Fashion Week by Victoria Beckham, ensures riot Instagram fans of the fashion designer. Hundreds users keep the young girl for too decrepit. “Your models are too thin! As a mother, if you show something like “you’re not a good role model, it is said in the comments including or:”let but real women modeling your clothes… You look phony, too thin.”

Words such as “ugly” or “anorexic” fall abound. After their critically acclaimed show yourself stressed often for low weight criticized Victoria Beckham once again, that any size thought were their designs for women – a saying that numerous Instagram users think obviously mendacious.

No body shaming!
While most fans seem to be agreed is that the former spice puts girl on skinny models, others defend the young girl, who received a lot of ridicule in the network: “say what you want about the model industry, but this girl is a human being with feelings. Some people are naturally very thin. Inverted body shaming is just as bad.”