Lilly of Becker’s Airy Breast Show

Lilly on Blick(e)Fang in New York! The wife of Boris Becker (47) shows in her Black Lace dress, inadvertently to much skin. Here, she wears even underwear. How can that be?

The stars and the flashbulbs – a story full of misunderstandings. How much as a photo-Flash illuminates an outfit, that had to learn now as Lilly Becker (39) – and has noticed that probably only after as its transparency was already public nuisance. Photographers call “Flash effect”. What could have done Lilly about it?

The paparazzi what apparently is Boris Becker to a yawn, gladly accept the visor: Lilly’s nude dress appearance

The dress:
Her Black Lace dress is perfect for a hot night with their favorite Boris (which itself is quite jaunty threw in a kornblumenblauen suit) in the city that never sleeps. Lilly has beautiful legs, as the skirt should fall correspondingly short. It has incorporated fabric an extra layer to protect against unwanted panties speed cameras. Only on the upper part of the dress is not only extremely transparent, but even back backless – and thus double tricky.

The underwear:
The lingerie question is really hard to answer in this dress. Lilly tried to cover her breasts from Black Lace with a black Bustier. Obviously, Lilly knew with her subtle trick – tip over top – on the safe side. A mistake! Normal light Moon light would have the ok, but just not if the paparazzi behind the hedge lurking. The Flash effect Lilly FIES erweise standing there almost naked, her nipples are clearly visible. Normally, we would advise the transparent dress or top to the simple, opaque black or nudefarbenen bra. No matter that then any of the BRA – saw that you wear now! However, as already mentioned, the dress by Lilly Becker is backless, bra straps and closure would be visible–won’t work so well. The solution: Bodysuits with extra deep back cutout with or without straps. She are there from different brands.

The Accessories:
Lilly completes her look with little decoration, a small pouch and she has painted bright red her lips – perfect, to seduce their Boris. The white high heels are beautiful, but unfortunately too much of a good. A few simple, black Sandals had enough.