Long Skirts Are

Us said to Elena Kate Moss prefer the long skirts and it is true that the model no longer see, on several occasions, wearing a skirt or a long dress. It seems that they like so much that it has included this way in the collection designed for TopShop. We shall see if it succeeds in imposing this trend for summer.

What is clear is that, last summer, we have long skirts. At least, so runways announce it Autumn/Winter 2007/08. Many are the designers who have opted for this trend: Chanel, Givenchy, Dries van Noten…

Perhaps knowing this, you decide you more easily to follow the fashion of Kate. Thus, when winter arrives and the shop windows are filled with long skirts, you can say that you, as good fashionistas, adelantasteis you to currents that dictates the fashion (more or less).