Lookbook & Campaign Pre-Spring 2015 – Inspired by Corinne Day

Before two years pushed a fire on our screen that we previously bitterly scorned, wanted to pay no attention, and despite several recommendations are made simply left. A huge mistake as little later should turn out, because g is no longer out of our closet. The Danish fire enchanted us since not only through a selection of the most beautiful everyday companion, but also by a pretty nice portion of feminine romantic looks, we sometimes like to forget whether the omnipresent sportiness.

In addition to four collections a year keep Danish fire yet another ACE up its sleeve: Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup, one of the most likeable Mademoiselles in the fashion circus, with two hands full of heart, sense of beauty and team power behind the store wuppt and constantly with refreshing ease is looking for new inspirations for the not so small label from Copenhagen. The spring anyway, is dominated by Corinne days, the prematurely deceased fashion photographer and discoverer of Kate Moss. And how it looks, we want of course by no means deprive you – a collection of favorites, promised!

Although we must till the release is still a tiny bit patient – specifically, mid-August / beginning of September – but know, anticipation is the best joy:

The darlings? Made from.

“Corinne Day is one of my generation’s most influential image maker: relentlessly captivating, elusively innocent, rough and honest.” It felt as if she lived her life through the lens. I never forget wants the black and white image of a freckly, snaggle-toothed 16-year-old Kate Moss–in a feather headdress smiling on the cover of the face. To me this what British youth at its best. It is what honest fun, carefree, completely and totally new. That is what more than 20 years ago, but still look fresh and relevant those images. Corinne Day’s pictures and British youth culture in the 90s are the jump offs for this collection.”

Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, Pinaki

– Dress with long Leggings or wide leg pants? YESS – and this time ask a maxi dress.
– Wire mesh pattern? Too!
– Time for velvet two piece + Turtleneck!
– 90s coolness meets female details: lace, velvet, see through
– giant silhouette
– floral patterns and lots of pink

Looks to the campaign and quite pretty underwear:

High-01 high-02 high-03 high-04 high-05 high-07 high-06 high-08 high-09 high-10

And the other looks of the pre Spring collection.