Lovers of Trends, This Is Louis Vuitton Suitcase That You Have to Have If You Want to Be as Cool as Them

Who are they? So very simple, the “it girls” that move the roost of fashion. If they put a bag, by very ugly to be, sales skyrocket in inexplicable way. They are the Queens of the advertising, charge huge amounts of euros by advertising a product, but marks out them profitable. Advertising in traditional journals is also expensive and seems, at first glance, something less immediate. ‘I see it, I want it’ is increasingly established in our society and must be joined at this rate.

Louis Vuitton suitcases have always been the object of desire of many. They cause much desire to commit an offence under collection of luggage at airports tapes and above all, provide class. Aimee Song and you know Chiara Ferragni, they have been using them for a long time, but now the treasure of the Crown has come to them, a trolley of four wheels with the print most famous House and crowned by two initials, this makes it even more desirable and exclusive. We know the success that brings any product to be able to customize it, is nothing new. If you want this suitcase, 2,100 euros non-personalised, How to break it you on your first flight!