Marc Jacobs Party after Her Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week

If something has this gentleman to which all together qualify as visionary, is the power of Convocation and circle of friends. Her master’s degree consists of fifty percent of talent, and fifty percent of show (although the percentages are variable based on the appreciation that one you have to the above). And it is more than a designer to use makes use of their status as designer to do what he most likes in the world: the attention.

After its parade yesterday, experience that painted a woman to Middle Road between Mary Poppins and My fair lady strolling through the streets of Paris and posing for a picture of Monet, Jacobs brought the cream of high society, the most acclaimed celebrities, and the most unlikely freaks of Manhattan at hotel Greenwich to celebrate, together but not scrambled, another of its squeaky achievements.

A circus of diverse cultures.

Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham just were supporting in the front-row of the parade, very beautiful both and hogging all and more attention.

Rachel Zoe, Marc Jacobs resort, was one that did not want to Miss the quotation in which there were two categories of guests: those who were invited to the dinner, and that making a popular simile, was nothing, as in some weddings where there are also several kinds of invitation and differentiates between those who go only to the ceremony, which go to the ceremony and banquet and which are only invited to what is known as cups. Thus the same.

Jessica Simpson for example, that here is tied to a delicious Anne Hathaway to exit the photo, I was only gently guest to the second part of the event… What is the cruel and hierarchical world of fashion, which is like life itself.

Wasn’t it the same to Kirsten Dunst, Muse and friend who was one of the most photographed.

Two former top models of the 1990s, this time both likes to genius, Helena Christensen y Stephanie Seymour were others of the privileged.

Kelly Osbourne, that Gothic girl mod that daily reminds me more Agyness Deyn in reduced version, did not miss either.

As did not miss one of the muses and friends, Winona Ryder, rigorous black.

The singer Roisin Murphy, He put the discordant note and broke the brief Protocol.

Kim Raver, co-protgonista of Lipstick Jungle, was gorgeous with a petroleum blue lace dress.

Becki Newton, White, not lost one this week.

And next to Padma Lakshmi, a beauty of Indian origin, were of the most piropeadas.

That Yes, I be me, I’ll take these two fantastic ladies, when they up the catwalk Mr Jacobs?