In the 17th century, the islands that now make up the Micronesia Federation were colonized by Spain. Germany bought the islands from Spain in 1899. In 1914 they were occupied by Japan, and by US forces in 1944-1945.

In 1947, the islands became part of a UN area of ​​supervision, administered by the United States Pacific area. The UN formally abolished the status of supervisory area in 1990, and the following year the Micronesia Federation was granted full membership of the UN.

The islands have since 1986 had free association with the United States as an associated state through a free association agreement. A revised version of the Compact of Free Association came into force in 2003 and is expected to be valid until 2023. Under the agreement, the federation is a sovereign, autonomous state, but foreign policy is to be pursued after “close consultations” with the United States.

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The Micronesia Federation and the Marshall Islands, which signed a similar agreement with the United States in 2003, regularly agree with the United States in international forums. To see more information other than history, please visit Abbreviationfinder to learn more about climate, population, government, and economy for the country of Micronesia. Defense is provided by the United States, which has access to the strategically located islands for financial assistance.

History of Micronesia
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