Money, Money, Money at Street… (Most Want to Be Tommy Ton)

Talk about money has never been in good taste. But after find out some interesting figures in the post by my colleague Montag how much money is there behind the streetstyle?, many of us stayed without taste, smell and hearing. And is that the figures that we see, with a Brian Boy it seems that it has bagged in the last year $100,000, have left me without any sense.

The ultimate in raise your voice and speak of fees It has been Tommy Ton, photographer Jack & Jil blog.

Before I sold cheap, asking for between $50 and $100 per image. What you have to consider is if it is a picture full page, half page or quarter-page. Two pages in Grazia to 1/8 of page in Vogue, which is much less #8221 is not the same;
And how much is less or more? It seems that figures will reach the $2000. And it is at this time when one asks and what happens with the photographed? Their rights of image? the profit percentage? Uhm & #8230;

Also talked about his moment of greatest glory:
The greatest moment was when I was sitting in the front row of Dolce Gabbana with Garance Doré, Sartorialist and Brian Boy. Everything was due to Anna Dello Russo. She said the Dolce: this people is changing things
After these figures who doesn’t want be streetstyle photographer? And it is that as I said dandy of the literature, Oscar Wilde, the money does not give happiness, but it seeks a so similar sense, needed a very advanced specialist to see the difference.

Via | Styleite, Jack & Jil