Attractions in Murcia

The sights of Murcia are more than you might think. If you come here believing that only bathing and tapas eating is the only thing you can do, you are wrong.

Murcia has several sights. We recommend Plaza Cardenal Belluga and Plaza de Santo Domingo, both of which are large squares surrounded by beautiful and special buildings.

Cathedral of Murcia

Not least, the Cartagena-Murcia Cathedral is not far from the Plaza Cardenal Belluga, a beautiful sight. For many, however, the Glorieta square will be the centerpiece. In this 18th-century square you will also find the town hall. A walk from the Cathedral to the Plaza de Santo Domingo will take you through the old town with many charming pedestrian streets.

Also note the bridges over the Segura River with its different styles. In other words, Murcia offers an exciting combination of bathing life, cozy historic center, sights and metropolis.

Murcia Attractions and Tourist
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