Natalie Portman Changed Her Dress of Galliano for Dior by The Roll You

Why change your Natalie Portman dress at the last minute? All we were surprised by that Portman take a design of Rodarte in the Oscars, and not one of Christian Dior, firm’s image. Why? The answer lies in the arrest of John Galliano, his striking statements and its terrible consequences.

Galliano was not only arrested, but that days earlier made some controversial anti-Semitic statements and claiming that he loves Hitler. The actress, who is Jewish, not sat you nothing well, so he decided to change signature for its biggest night. Portman has not confirmed it, but all the rumors are running this reason. What if confirmed to The Times that It will not work with Galliano never more. And we assume that it will not look your designs.

At the Oscar ceremony only two actresses opted for Dior dresses: Sharon Stone and Nicole Kidman, that you have wanted to support the firm. Brave and bold or better to do political and personal opinions case? Compared to the rest of guests, is also rumored that several actresses have changed his election at the last minute. The controversy is served.