Non-Bloggers Are Resistant to The Sport of The Moment: The Adidas Gazelle

They are the sports of the time and Yes, they are Adidas. Worthy successors of the Stan Smith archiconocidas, the Adidas Gazelle they have coaxed to bloggers, instagrammers and it girls of wide and long on the planet. In addition, they have a godmother of excellence, the top Kate Moss, who stars in the last campaign with a re-edited photograph taken in 1993. The fashion world has already given them the “I do” And you?

“Gazelle was the shoe that everyone used in the Decade of the 90s, have a completely timeless style.” I’ve always been an Adidas girl”, he defends Kate Moss in the last campaign of the sports brand, the final push that this model of shoes needed to become the sneakers when it.

However, fashion blogs have a long predicting the takes the throne of the Adidas Gazelle to the detriment of the Stan Smith.

In black, Navy Blue, green, grey or Burgundy, these sports are certainly favored by bloggers. Pants, shorts, skirts or dresses, the Adidas Gazelle put the sporty touch to any look, rescuing the aesthetic 90’s kid fashion this season.

The most repeated look? The combo of Gazelle in mom jeans, only for the lovers of the streetwear more fashionistas.