Not Be Married But Seems and Inspire The That If: 9 Instagrammers Dresses That You Can Take on Your Wedding Day

“Ayyy my God, that fulatinadetal was married!” and other expressions of hysteria and emotion charged with a bit of curiosity are part of our day to day. Bloggers and instagrammers play with us, with our tendency to see things where really there would many times surprised thinking that or which? “net celebrity” has passed by the altar Judging from the last picture he published? And no, actually it has not done so, but by the dress that looks it could be said that. You marry and don’t know what dress choose? Takes note of these 9 designs and inspired by the looks of the instagrammers wedding.

Alexandra Pereira Santos sewing

24 Jul, 2016 (s) 3:31 PDT

Much has been speculated in the no-boda of Alexandra Pereira, the Galician blogger that for years it writes and travels world thanks to his blog, Lovely Pepa.

This lovely dress from his friend Designer, Santos sewing, It unleashed the storm, but no, Alexandra not married although Yes it has left us a design worthy of a fairy tale. The embedded rhinestones in the sleeves and the back of the dress as well as the impressive neckline in the back make it perfect don’t believe?

Kristina Ulyana Sergeenko Bazan

6, 2016 (s) Jul 12:14 PDT

Many are the looks of the night that has shown us Kristina Bazan in his blog Kayture, but this one in particular of Ulyana Sergeenko could well serve to give the “yes I want to” final.

The sweetheart of the corset and the belt that divides the top skirt create a two-piece original effect. A nice way of breaking with traditional designs.

Nicole Warne of Maticevski

2-2016 (s) Jul 2:06 PDT

Nicole Warne blog Gary Pepper is promised and this dress of his friend Maticevski well I could accompany him to the altar. Your wedding, if there has been it, has not reached the networks so we have to assume that it is not in their wedding dress. However, it must be admitted that the strapless neckline and full of small overlapping design flowers puffed skirt is a 10 in every rule.

Aimee Song from Ulla Johnson

9 Aug 2016 (s) 7:43 PDT

It is not a dress from wedding to use, much less. Design boho dress Aimee Song of Song of style It is one of those dresses that can only be worn in an Ibizan wedding by the sea..

The Bardot neckline and multiple embroidery design make it special, a pretty dress of Ulla Johnson that could lead you to the altar if the folk style is your thing.

Gigi Vives ASOs

11 Sep 2016 (s) 5:07 PDT

Can always talk white? The Catalan instagrammer Gigi Vives they opted for this simple but beautiful dress strapless color champagne of course, to attend the wedding of Aida Domenech and Alba Paul as a guest. However why not wear something similar on your wedding day? Gigi is of ASOs and on the web offers more than one similar option.

Chiara Ferragni of Proweddings

29 Oct 2015 to (s) 12:19 PDT

Proweddings Ambassador that is, Chiara Ferragni left us speechless with this dress from the Spanish firm. Had the blogger married? “No, of course, that no, but this dress that looks in the videos”Proweddings “styled by Chiara” could well serve as inspiration to more groundbreaking brides.

If you want to amaze the personnel then don’t think you and sports a different design like this of Chiara. Takes note of the mixture of satin with maxi belt shirt and skirt puffed with thousands of feathers.

Bethlehem Hostalet of Ze Garcia

26 Aug 2016 (s) 6:07 PDT

If the boho style It is your thing but you want to dress long, then this design of Ze Garcia It may be your best inspiration. The instagrammer and it girl Catalan Bethlehem Hostalet makes it seem out of a fable and no need to give many laps in the lead to imagine a wedding going down the aisle with him. That Yes, beware of transparencies, perhaps would be better that you sumases him a white body inside.

Valentina Ferragni from Proweddings

29 Apr, 2016 (s) 11:00 PDT

Neither white nor colors cream or similar. If raisins of topical and want to break with all your wedding day, then this Navy Blue design that looks Valentina Ferragni is ideal for you.

Signed by Proweddings, the design of deep socket neckline in the back It is a lovely option to give the “yes I want to”.

Izortze by H & M

12-2016 (s) Jul 12:26 PDT

Another option for Ibiza wedding It is this design from H & M that looks Izortze on the beach. Long sleeve contrasts with the side openings of the dress, and the white lace gives a special but simple touch in equal parts.

A tip? None of the heels of vertigo, the dress is beautiful enough to let all the limelight. Add some shoes simple or even, why not, a pair of flat Sandals if you love the comfort.