On A Visit To Louis Vuitton A Touch Of Summer, 60s And Hidden Codes

When we followed the showroom invitation from the House of Louis Vuitton two years ago the last time, there is still a different breeze blew – a fabulously, something more elegant, to say it exactly. Marc Jacobs focused on evening wear and chic robes which we while always liked the predicate classic pressed on, their suitability for daily use now however like to in the background was. Jacobs stomped the ready-to-wear line for Louis Vuitton out of the ground and caused spectacular and fabulously staged dream worlds during the Paris fashion week until he resigned on the nail hung herself nearly a year ago and the sceptre gave none other than Nicolas Ghesquiere to care with its touch of fresh air in the Maison Louis Vuitton.

Since the clocks in traditional tick a little bit different : Brightly colors are the order of the day, witty logo interpretations instead of Monogram overload back into focus and craftsmanship and material mixes are capitalized. We were able to convince us of exactly this design change yesterday once more and actually no longer came out very flat said, from Marvel.

Between 60s / 70s vibes and obsession with detail revealed the looks that we understand once again that fashion should be titled just yet very well as art: here goes ’ s craftsmanship and brains behind it. Sequins all over creations make butter-tender eel leather jackets very pretty rough so after a stunning finish and Shulterklappen. And also the DNA of the label is no longer just flat pressed on the pieces in the form of the logo, but is expressed in very different implementations: so an earring from the flower of the logos is a paragraph from the suitcase lock flux and the overlapping LV recently turning a V to open the bags. What is special here apparently is in the details – and I enjoyed quite a bit, to detect these subtleties of exactly yesterday.


Oh yes, so a showroom visit makes it clear in particular once again one of us: shows are well and good, but they cannot substitute for so direct views of the creations. We have for you so all looks of the SS 2015 runway show and of course also the pictures from yesterday and our direct view of the details together provided: for a complete picture, so to speak.

Und die dazugehörigen Runway-Looks:

Worth recently by the way, particularly a visit Munich store: because there from changing and independent exhibitions in the Espace Louis Vuitton understood immediately that that we do not lose our vision and can be as a place of cultural and artistic exchanges.

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