Paris Hilton and Her Hand Bag Chanel

I said that the handbags are no longer assets of the night and the multimillion-dollar Paris Hilton knows it. Recently, the heiress has left and see a beautiful Chanel handbag.

I’m not sure that the controversial party Paris Hilton has been able to take to the streets before the 10 h at night but her dress is rather of day. In any case, what is clear is that this handbag is not a typical party bag.

It’s bag Chanel canvas. Here we show the detail of his brother: the Canvas Chain Baguette, made as Paris in canvas beige color but with a strip of leather interwoven chain. In the front, also the same part, containing the logo of the brand and two symbols that are the most representative of Chanel: the number 5 and the Camellia blossom.