Patricia Field Returns to The Cinema with The Costumes for The Film “No Two without Three”

The stylist Patricia Field, known for being responsible for the costumes for sex in New York, returns to the big screen with the wardrobe for No two without three, starring film by Cameron Diaz and premiered on Friday, June 13. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it. It is funny, entertaining and looks over a stylish wardrobe, which is what we like Jezebel addicts.

Field always work as a team in their projects. Its main contributor and protected from long ago is the stylist Paolo Nieddu. Both try to exhibit the personality of the characters through their clothes, and so to meet him in this production. Each of the women in the film has a very defined style, and we are going to see in this post.

Cameron Diaz’s Carly Whitten

Carly is a modern, attractive and successful woman. His style is sophisticated, “which means that we had to find a chic, unique and original combination”. When Carly goes onstage for the first time during an appointment at a hotel, wearing a tight black dress of Antonio Berardi. Other models used are a pair of designer dresses Martin Grant, combined with white and dark blue tones, red lipstick, a dress and golden belt of Tom Ford and a jacket and black leather skirt of Rick Owens. High heels and handbags and jewelry designer completes his models, giving Carly an air sexy and daring even in the office.

Leslie Mann is Kate

Kate is a woman who likes to dress 50’s style. She is a married woman, living in the outskirts, not works and lives as a rich. “Kate is like the typical spouse of the 1950s. Caring for her husband, cleans your clothes, do their errands, takes care of the dog when it is not”. For this reason her look had to be posh. Kate models include a two-piece suit of Prada and dresses and suits of Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Lily Pulitzer, J.crew, Valentino Red, and Pucci.

Kate Upton plays Amber

Amber is youth. His most memorable costumes time is when Carly and Kate come to Amber on a sunny beach in Hamptons, running with a white bikini from the firm Malia Mills.

Also see designs of Gucci, Roland Mouret, Versace, Herve Leger and Proenza Schoeler and McQueen, all of them are accompanied by the most extreme and expensive shoes that can take a diva to the office.

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