PDH: a Good Option in Times of Crisis

Surely many of you will think that I am I mad to read the title of the post or the of the Pedro de el Hierro they have pulled the House through the window. Not at all.

First of all I want to tell you that the goal of this post is to share with you some ideas and options on fashion (one of the objectives of this blog) and more now that we are in difficult times where good purchases are highly valued (understood by good those that combine quality and good price)

I am currently writing from Barcelona, where I am spending a few days relaxing, between Beach and beach, shopping and shopping and party and party. And yesterday I got to walk with some friends by Portal del Angel. Typical: enter in Zara, Massimo Dutti, Adolfo Dominguez, and I decided to take a look at Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, Ermenegildo Zegna and Pedro de el Hierro.

And the truth is that pleasantly surprised me.

The offers that had were pretty good and very affordable: Lacoste had everything basics in poles with a 20% to 40% discount, being able to find if you had any luck at 50%. Apart from that, some special models or cardigans, were at a great price (from about 58 to 90 euros). Something similar happened with Tommy Hilfiger (which I am not partisan my brand) but where really I got the boots (both seeing good fats offers as buy, I have to admit I) was Pedro of Hierro. I thought that it had given a good offer in a particular store, but reportedly talking with the clerk told me that Pedro of Hierro had wanted more bet on lower prices without loss in quality so dress well we leave something cheaper.

And truth that had real treasures at more than affordable prices. Iron fart, in their personal capacity, stressed that I love their shirts: original, very comfortable, first quality materials and, this summer, we found a huge variety of colors, fabrics, designs and cuts: shirts from boxes of all sizes, stripes, bakers, smooth … and incredible prices. Offers from 2 × 35 euros I found most of the sections while some, the most elegant, could climb to 2×45. The Poles, although does not seem it, somewhat more expensive but still quite recommendable: 2 × 60 euros. All the basics and some out there with some other design that was worth.

The only downside I’ve noticed is that most of the deals included the short sleeve shirts, what only we will be able to enjoy them this summer (we already have advanced more than half) and somewhat in September and October for those areas in which time Companion. What I can not tell you is that this policy is applied to all shops Pedro iron of the peninsula and beyond. Here in Barcelona, in the two that I’ve approached I have seen that the discounts were effectively applied and, of course, my wardrobe has two shirts more.