Pepe Bottle 2008 Bridal Collection

Designer Pepe Botella has already prepared the collection 2008 presenting in Gaudí. The alicantinian striving every day and their collections become real works of art. If you marry in 2008, from Jezebel We give you a preview and you propose new designs, which Bottle is inspired by the landscapes of the four seasons. Eye and points because you will not know what to choose.

The designer leaves light, the feelings, the tones of the four seasons of the year, to draw your designs through fabrics, textures, cuts, trims and colors that enclose the nature at different times of the year.

Dresses, as always, are made with care and exquisite fabrics that play to do more feminine silhouette. Very careful details, very marked cuts and lines to be resplendent in this special day. A relationship of Haute Couture with the nature and the elegance and movement you set the values of this magnificent collection 2008.

On dresses inspired by the Autumn is characterized by the predominance of toasted colors, mixed with point, with pleated flights and large silhouettes based on a gentle melancholy. The point is the protagonist of the precious details.

The sophisticated elegance of the Winter resulting in designs that are enriched with skins (really are wonderful, as a stunning leather jacket), providing glamour and elegance to dresses. The knitted garments gently conform to the silhouette.

The romanticism of the Spring It is characterized by using softer fabrics with rich pleated flowers ruffled lace. Are like small bouquets of flowers.

For the Summer use light, subtle and soft gauze in female extremadamanete cuts. The color chosen for this season is the white one hundred per cent. Undoubtedly it’s the sensuality of summer.