Pictures of the Day Visit to the Diesel Showroom in Hamburg

16, there were hardly any other brand as DIESEL for me and my hard earned money from tutoring hours flowed directly into jeans trousers and sweaters. For Christ’s sake, what I all could have bought them! I’m thinking today sometimes. But we just don’t. Since 1978, has like so: the Iroquois head transformed itself to the iconic brand name and the name of fuel was chosen with careful and stands for the drive of the modern world. A brand awareness of almost 100 percent but not over it defy that DIESEL disappeared at some point and for a long time from our cosmos – up, until the fire us over the past year their Skinzee and probably most comfortable jeans model, which Jogg jeans rubbed under the nose and borrowed its back firmly on our screen.

A reason so more to accept the invitation from the House of DIESEL and to go on a pilgrimage last week to Hamburg: there we were allowed to look namely exclusive 2015 at the summer collection: and logically we have they found the Favorites for the upcoming season, – including tennis – and formula 1 Association.


The athletic influence must of course also at the „ Braves “ non lacking and so is classic leather jackets and patchwork jeans trousers in summer 2015 a proper load mesh, 70 s color combinations and lots Björn Borg images in the mind.

What else, we have discovered? You can see that in our images of the day.

Diesel 2 diesel 3 diesel 4 diesel 5 diesel 6 diesel 10 diesel 9 diesel 8 diesel 11 diesel 12 diesel 13 diesel 14 diesel 18 diesel 17 diesel 16 diesel 15 diesel 19

Summer, please hurry up you a bit. Us is not just much too cold – in the summer, everything is also much, much nicer.