Pre-Fall 2015 From 60s & 70s Vibes, Fringes & Very Much Wearability

Happy pre-fall season! No, don’t worry, we really no longer look through – and that, although repeats of season pranks every year. We can not notice us simply, regularly in disarray and need to consider long before we have found our focus back. Short once again for the record: the fall/winter lines end up in August in the stores, while creations hang the pre-spring from November to February in stores and are eventually replaced by the spring/summer lines from March. Accordingly are may and June also again completely in the characters of the pre-case collection – or I’m now but way too early? Jesus, it’s not easy.

We hold: it has got to the mess. We can tell you so not to 100 percent safety, when the next batch 60s / 70s-inspired pieces in the shops will spin, we can only promise you that we, when the time comes, once again shout the news to the world. A shame but too much if we would miss the wonderfully portable pieces from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Burberry Prorsum, Fendi and Rodebjer, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, or?

If this is not a dream of a Cape? Who has struck you so early as this year, which may get back his Poncho in the coming year. And most important: think of the fringe!

Burberry Prorsum


We stay in earthy colours and contact us to Burberry Prorsum: for Christ’s sake, this is a nice trench! A wonderful coat! A wonderful teal dream. Yes, if the British label really can do something, then are by far jackets  once all four models.

Alexander Wang


We know not so right, whether Alexander Wang with the H & M a collaboration this year really did great favor, we just know that he seems a bit paralyzed has and collection has made an end to the logo madness at least for the pre-fall. Good ’ s, we find. There ’ s as usual very much mesh, sporty influences and the typical Wang ’ attitude: coolness first. We like in any case much better.



It is so: If Fendi not so big would write the history of his fur on the flags, we’d be sure big fans. But no, all fur! Too bad, damn it. The collection is so beautiful that it hurts us in the heart, anyway just to find not all great. We have nevertheless identified a few fur loose creations for you – and that hopefully show what we mean: A breath of 60s and 70s mix.



We are a mini little of it convinced that it also is confused with Rodebjer with the seasons: but rather looks for spring/summer, or? Makes probably no large differences since pre-fall anyway already up coasts in summer – man, it is also a mess. Nice’s at least once. And the blouses dress with Mandarin collar may directly in the, uh June?, on my body!

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel


Oh Sonia you’re anyway a stone at us in the Board. And with the color combination pink and khaki meets yellow you aim directly into the black. And quite incidentally: not so wrong looks the Bustier over long sleeve story with you. We thought even further. I’m sure!