Red Dress: Emma or Lily?

This is a battle hard, because even though Lily Allen It is not an icon fashion or much less I think attire fully deserves more consideration than his accustomed blunders. It is a battle among young British style and still be could not be whom victory.

Emma Watson It appears with this lovely dress at the Publisher of Life magazine as we can see below. With a limousine and two handsome bodyguards at their sides, the girl appears as a star front cameras that the dazzle prototypes along the red carpet. A few Mary-janes black and hair are the touch of his style in this picture.

While Lily Allen He tried to reflect New York’s sex style in New York with this style on his recent trip to the Big Apple. He added Leopard to the cocktail dress and transformed it from a beautiful elegant design a garment alternative, more sophisticated and trendy at the same time. The truth is that I do not decide, I need your help.