Resurgent Fretwork Jerseys, The Classic, More Timeless English

The fretwork jerseys they return one season more to the masculine wardrobe. This classic also receives the name of Fair Isle, a small island in the North of Scotland, between the islands of Orkney and Shetland, where he originally began to use this technique that consists of creating patterns of different colors with which are obtained to create drawings or fretwork on a wool fabric.

This original technique got its highest popularity of hand of Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, who used to wear this type of jersey when he came out to walk through the fields of England (below), hence it should become associated with a fabric of the high nobility, beginning later to be used in all spheres of society.

Ralph Lauren (header pictured), began to popularize this technique, not only in the form of sweaters, but also in cardigans & waistcoats point. All of this under a british style, very carefully, which is also mixed American Tweed, Trousers of corduroy and cotton shirts Oxford.

The use of this type of point does not have to be only limited to a formal style with English-style garments, is also perfectly suited to more casual styles, such as cardigans zipper that we can wear with jeans and a t-shirt, as proposed by Zara in his collection for the next autumn-winter.

Just last week saw a showcase for Zara a jersey of this style, with a few details that did classic but very original. So that I did not twice, as you can see carries a elbow pads and a patch on the shoulder of To and although it takes 80% wool is not too abrigoso. That Yes, will have to spend a few days in the closet until they return again cold days.

The colorful depends as always the taste of each one, although I personally believe that the tones of the field, as the Brown and green, mixed with shingles and beige tones and toasted are those who best reflect that autumnal look and at the same time are more flattering.

And needless to say that this style shouts requests some ankle boots suede with which we mark every step that English countryside look so classic but at the same time as elegant and timeless.