Rodarte in New York Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Week

In a matter of few years Kate and Laura Mulleavy, or what is the same, Rodarte (the maiden name of his mother), have made your clothes easily identifiable hallmark jungle of new talent and established artists on the international scene; such is his flip mediático and professional, so Anna Wintour suggested that they submit to regime to consider that its image was little presentable, and got it (more of the planet most beloved tirana silly).

His sense of the estetetica is far from his native California and it is much more European and edgy than many of his countrymen; they are meticulously retailers and romantic, and its more that tried taste by the draped chiffon, his mastery with the knitwear and wool, and their subtle abuse of dusty tones, especially, pink, has led to win the confidence of an industry immunized talent.

Its summer 2009 collection is almost a continuation of the winter, and sometimes one doubts if the proposals of the sisters are not made to combat low temperatures.

The nude tones they take leading role in draped dresses, two piece pleated skirts and tops of pin tuck, or made from bands (Leger fever hits not only the winter, in the summer, it seems that it follows also),

transparencies, and tops specials, deconstructed and overlapping facts with false collars or false sleeves creating a superb optical effect. And among all this swarm of elements of sastre, resorted and recurrent element: the indiscriminate use of mesh leggings.

A discordant and note something punk coming to break the aura romanticist Rodarte and thus avoid both powdered and pink dress resulting us cloying, shoes, again produced in collaboration with Christian Louboutin and again, based on platforms and kebabs, are another element that it comes to contrasting air of Ethereal ballerinas of the mannequins.

There is also a site for pants in silk between the looks of the designers, and for the jackets of napa (don’t tell me that for example it does not seem a proposal of winter) as well as for the point of wool; for the color, which is slowly intensficando, are orange, black, and azulones and radicalizes the global environment, which bucolic passes to Gothic.

Evening dresses are my favorite garments from the collection, I know me, sure, already made it with one of them, say that I speak of Keira Knightley… and it is the combination of colors used, the original necklines, the airy effect and the tintando in gradient, they seem magical and fabulous.

A coherent parade, without too many news or a break of schemas, which remains true to the idea of drawing a equal parts romantic and extreme, woman.