History Timeline of San Marino

According to a tradition, San Marino arose in the 300s from a settlement of Christians who, with Saint Marinus at the head, fled from the persecution of Emperor Diocletian. In 885 a Castellum Sancti Marini is mentioned. Throughout the centuries, San Marino has been able to maintain a high degree of independence almost entirely without interruption, certainly mainly because of the difficult access. However, it was threatened especially at the beginning of the new era by the papal power, which in 1631, however, recognized San Marino as an independent state. Italy’s unification did not change its status, but through a treaty of friendship in 1862, San Marino was placed under Italian patronage. Its customs, post and telegraph are now linked to Italy, as well as the currency. To see more information other than history, please visit Abbreviationfinder to learn more about climate, population, government, and economy for the country of San Marino.

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History of San Marino
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