Sonja Christian: Our Favorite Albums of 2010 Part II –“the Archandroid (Suites II and III)”-Janelle Monae

Sooo new is this newcomer of the year don’t. In 2007, Janelle Monae has her acclaimed debut EP metropolis: suite I (the Chase) is released. But their first complete album the archandroid (suites II and III). And what for one! Sean “Diddy” Combs called Monae he has signed to his label bad boy, its most important conclusion of the contract. And when you see the incredible energy of that only 1, 52 m tall woman, then one can imagine, that Sean Combs knew exactly what he’s talking about. So he took this crazy attack album along with big BOI of Outkast (who also published an excellent album this year) and Kevin Barnes of the indie rock band of Montreal.

Monae sings here the fictional story of Super androids Cindi Mayweather, that should free a robot people in a modern world of the future. Sound absurd? Is it also. But exactly this absurdity makes it possible on a musical pitch to play Janelle Monaé, which is bigger and more modern than the twelve planned World Cup game area in Qatar. Monae called Bowie Ziggy Stardust (1972), Outkasts Stankonia (2000) or even Stevie wonders music of my mind (1972) as influences for their music. And all you can hear something in this musical Kaleidoscope. And that’s not all: electro-pop, Funk a la Parliament-Funkadelic, love songs, folk, soul, classical music (the album begins with an orchestral Overture), glam rock (the Monae alone by her appearance in the show brings) but also indie rock (of Montreal have a fantastic guest appearance in “make the bus”) found on this plate. Also, Janelle Monae boasts with their keen sense of variety to the archandroid. Fast power-dance songs such as “Tightrope” or “Come Alive” (for me one of the songs of the year) ballads follow again as “Oh, maker” or “mushrooms and roses”.

With “Cold War” and “Wondaland” Monae has yet another hit and suspected of being catchy songs on this album. The archandroid (suites II and III) is great cinema. One may be curious where is going the way of this female pop wonder. It serves well as high-quality to Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. She must retain only their energy and work with the right people together. At big BOI, she is in very good hands. Together the two can give the opening concert in Qatar then 2022 FIFA World Cup.

P.S.: Janelle plays today evening at 21 h in the Fritz Club on the Eastern railway station. See you later!