Take a study tour of Great Britain, officially named the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland! This island state, only separated from the European mainland by the English Channel, inspires, among other things, with the stone circles of the prehistoric Stonehenge, chalk cliffs and extensive meadows with lush greenery. Travel in the footsteps of the legendary King Arthur or discover Victorian architecture in the cities of Great Britain. Get to know the diversity of Great Britain and the many sights on a tour! Don’t forget to visit Stratford-upon-Avon, one of the UK’s most visited places, or Wales, on the west coast of Great Britain. Great Britain is certainly a worthwhile study trip destination!

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

The county of Somerset in the south west of England is characterized by a mild climate and numerous historical buildings – even Roman baths have been excavated here (near the city of Bath)! The small town of Wells has one of the most beautiful buildings in England, namely the medieval cathedral “St. Andrew’s”. Anyone who delves into English history on a study trip will surely like to spend a whole day in Wells. Perhaps you will also devote yourself to the parks and gardens of southern England on your trip? Wells would be worth a day trip even then!

On the history of Wells Cathedral

“The Cathedral Church of St. Andrew” was built between 1145 and 1490 in the Gothic style. The previous church of the cathedral was dedicated to the apostle Andrew. The Somerset diocese, to which the cathedral belongs, has a long history: it was founded in 909! St. Andrew’s Cathedral has a huge floor plan, both the choir and the transept consist of three naves. Its west facade (built around 1230) and its towers, the completion of which took until the 15th century, are particularly impressive. The cathedral used to be a monastery church, so various monastery buildings (e.g. a chapter house) are arranged around the church. The former palace of the bishop can also be found nearby.

Visit to the cathedral

Admission to the impressive monument is free, donations are welcome! It’s best to join a guided tour of the cathedral. The tours last around an hour and are offered every day except Sundays. Pay particular attention to the beautiful Gothic glass windows and the so-called “scissor arches”, these are Gothic pointed arches on which a second arch is arranged so that a scissor shape is created – which, by the way, is reminiscent of the St. Andrew’s cross. The grand west facade and the astronomical clock make pretty photo opportunities. The west facade is decorated with numerous sandstone figures; there are biblical figures, saints, peasants, nobles in a colorful mix! By the way, prayers and services take place in the cathedral every day – visitors are welcome!

Refreshments and souvenirs

How about a rest in the cathedral café after the tour? It is open every day. The menu includes snacks, coffee and cake and regional specialties. And then browse a little in the souvenir shop…

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral is an Anglican St. Mary’s Cathedral and bishopric in southern England. The imposing early Gothic church is in the village of Salisbury in the county of Wiltshire. The cathedral’s Chapter House has kept the Magna Charta for 800 years. Salisbury Cathedral is one of the most interesting destinations for those taking part in tours and study trips through Great Britain.

Salisbury Cathedral: place for religion and art

The image of the cathedral is mainly shaped by the crossing tower. With a total height of 123 m, it is the tallest church tower on the British Isles.

The nave with the ribbed vault and the original “Father Willis” organ from 1877 is also impressive. The fascinating exhibits include the world’s oldest, fully functional mechanical clock from 1386 and the “Living Water” installation by William Pye. The stained glass window “Prisoners of the Conscience”, the medieval burial chambers and changing exhibitions are also very interesting.
The “Tower Tour” leads over 332 steps to the highest point of the cathedral. From there, the picturesque surroundings are easy to see. The area includes parks with remains of medieval ramparts, the Riffles and Salisbury Museum and the famous “Arundels House”.

Salisbury Cathedral is open to visitors all year round. As a venue for renowned festivals and events, it is one of the most important cultural centers in the county of Wiltshire.

Salisbury Cathedral

St. Andrew’s Cathedral and Salisbury Cathedral
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