Stylish With 60 – Our Generations Look!

Women over 60 have a relaxed relationship with their wardrobe, because they do not have to prove themselves and the (fashion) world any more. It’s just about really feeling good in his second skin and his own style. As women 60+ make a very good figure, I would like to tell you now:

Stylish With 60 - Our Generations Look! 1

Oh, please do not: the 3 worst fashion fauxpas

  1. Too much restraint
    Sound in sound may be a safe number, but it is quickly boring.Strong colors such as dark red, deep blue and fir green can be used especially in autumn.
  2. Too little restraint
    Being overdressed is a privilege of younger semesters.With over sixty, most of the style-conscious ladies tend to tend to understatement. Classic stylishly worn make a lot of.
  3. Jewelry Alarm
    Over the years, many wonderful pieces of jewelery have accumulated.This is nice, but for a long time no reason all at once. In this case, more is simply too much. So rather shine with individual selected pieces.

Stylish With 60 - Our Generations Look! 2

Au yes, necessarily: the 3 best fashion advice

  1. Claim
    Fashion must give a good feeling, underline your personality and simply flatter you.No more and especially not at all less!
  2. Comfort
    Outfits must be comfortable.The much too narrow pencil skirt was perhaps worn with 30 and tolerated with 40 still. At 60, however, such compromises with clothing items that are not 100% sit long. By the way, sneakers actually go at any age. Stylishly combined, the comfortable sneakers look great even in the upper age – and give each look a youthful touch.
  3. Brighter
    Brocade?Paint? Shiny leather? Bring it on! At this age you can live elegance, you have earned over the years!

Stylish With 60 - Our Generations Look! 3

If you would like to learn more about the exquisite style of the upscale, we would like to recommend the English book “Grown-Up Guide to Looking Fabulous” by Alyson Walsh.