The 5 Accessories of the Moment

What woman does not like to be neat and with her collection of accessories in days. Surely you will like to know that various accessories that were up in 2015 continue to be successful in 2016. So you will not have to spend a lot buying more accessories. See now which accessories are currently available.

The 5 Accessories of the Moment


Also known by the name of Bolsa Bucket , they are stripped, but they know to go to a great party with you with all the pomp and circumstance, just change the material and add a little shine. You can also use the bag on a day-to-day basis, even to go to work, with more full-bodied materials.

Maxi Necklaces

They really arrived to stay. This trend of maxi necklaces has come since before 2015 and still promises to stay for a long time. It is the type of accessory that  can  up grade any look, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Bet on the stones and also on the necklaces of aged metal.

Maxi earrings

As you can notice the larger accessories fell into the woman’s taste. The maxi earring is perfect for those who are a little more discreet but who need some more flashy detail to compose the look. If you want to invest in a model of maxi earring, look for the baroque style.

Mix of rings

Just as we have the mix of bracelets or bracelet , as many call it, we also have the mix of rings . You can combine several in a single hand, but be careful not to overdo it. It is possible to start with a mix of finer and finer rings and gradually increase their size. The ones with stones are a charm.


They have it all! It is impressive how many women have joined the turban, whether in a more modest and discreet type or the very colorful and large type. This accessory has been accompanying women for a long time and was brought to Brazil with African culture through slaves.

The turban was also fashionable in the 1930s in Paris. It was quite common to see women, especially the most famous ones, wearing this accessory, but with their own clothes. The turbans were not as big or colorful as those used in Africa.

What really matters is that this accessory is for those who like to dare and have a lot of style. For those who are wanting to adhere to fashion but still feel shy it is always best to start with more discreet models with neutral colors. Once you get used to it, just let go of imagination and good taste.

Earring with 2 balls

Surely you’ve seen a celebrity or blogger wearing an earring like that. It has a smaller ball on the front of the ear and a larger one on the back. The model is part of the Dior tribal collection and has become a real sensation among women.