The Bag of Britney Spears a Auction

It seems that Britney already has come out of her depression, psychosis or emotional shock, as they like to call it and is returning to your life. That if the reporter when it comes to dressing is not you removed never. And today is not a separate scandal news, to walk without panties for life or for having used a more fake wig than normal, but because a piece of the ex-princesa pop has come to auction on eBay.

It is not the first time that beautiful red bag from Marc Jacobs, model Karolina, goes on auction. The sister of the singer, whom Britney, I suppose that he had given it was decided in September 2006 to get more utility and put it to auction by the same page.

Now, the exposesion of the singer returns to the network with a starting price of 1.00 euro, as usual on eBay. But not for long, because, the puga has already finished and the new owner has earned a piece of the Spears 1,118 euros. In better times I think that the bag would have obtained a stratospheric figure, but the thrust of Britney has despite his faithful is no longer what it once was. However, it is a good amount for a Marc Jacobs, do not believe it?