The Kidnapping Failed of Lagerfeld

The plot is worthy of a Hitchcock film, as recently a Member belonging to the German Red Army (RAF) has revealed that during the 70’s they planned the kidnapping of the German designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The news was taken to light when Peter-Juergen Boock, a founding member of the RAF, who is in prison serving a sentence of 17 years, revealed the plot while their case of murder of a federal prosecutor in 1977 is reviewed. “We consider kidnap the owner of factory Palmers lingerie and also to Karl Lagerfeld” said Boock magazine Der Spiegel. The reason for such an act would be sponsored for membership designer to a wealthy family, which was reason for anger to some Germans at that time.

However, We still don’t know in that failure the plan or which were the reasons for the attempt will not take place, but with a history of approximately 34 murders, the RAF was a force to be feared.