The Latest Disaster/Deceptions of The Photoshop in Fashion

Fashion and photoshop It is already an Evergreen union which has fortunately remained in time despite rumors and dimes and bickering that could well have led to a separation. The one no longer can live without the other, and vice versa. Love like life always has its ups and downs but unions sometimes falter, excess of confidence or errors without remedy.

And of this we are going to talk about today. We are going to tell lies tralara, We are going to tell lies tralará… and show the last nonsense you have been able to see in the covers most illustrious, the campaigns most famous, and the images created by no doubt professional teams, which in these cases, sin of excess of retouching.

We started with the cover of Elle, a beautiful image with three nymphs resembling outputs of water lilies of dream … .and as they seem more divine than human, the same creative team has shown no shyness in alargaaaaar which used chewing gum, the model on the right neck.

We continue with another large, immense publication, the In Style American. And if big is his fame and fortune, big his gall to turn to Tina Fey, in these parts less well known but very famous comic in USA, in a body doll barbie head of ET. It seems the staircase which has been situated on your right has become the impassable barrier that your body can not move, thus transforming his head on a body element completely disproportionate size.

Victoria´s Secret, famed for its sensuality, its parades of infarction and shops without a doubt recommend visit as Temple of the lingerie and chic interior to the American. However in recent times has been on everyone’s lips for several issues with photoshop … and this is the last image in this regard. Can not be more beautiful, more sexy, more Tigress … but those shoulders of player of rugby why not be have tuned?

Photoshop, instrument perfect which Stradivarius, but which in the wrong hands is to Detune. Stunned was one to look at the Zara Trafaluc spring-summer 2011 catalogue, at least the first one. Leave to one side the absence of styling, the inadequate pose, clothes without personality or grace … and adding a sad face and a shadow on the lip that certainly should not be there. As much as the tomboy style is more.

We continue with another of Victoria’s Secret, who in their yearning for showing perfect women, sometimes show us women who cannot exist. What to say, but the right side of his body to whose waist has gotten unceremoniously scissors?

And end up with Elle Mexico and one of the strangest covers that have been seen in kiosks and websites. The Petite Olivia Palermo seems to have estiraaaaado into basketball player co-worker Gasol, but chic, always chic.