The Look Right: Chess Vichy and Blazer Light Grey

Generally, indian chess vichy for summer outfits due to the visual light of this standard, the same can be said about the blazer light grey, but as Brazil has an autumn mild if compared to the countries of the northern hemisphere, a visual and clear, that runs off of tones, autumn or of the earth, is very well accepted.

The Look Right Chess Vichy and Blazer Light Grey

Why does it work?

Combinations with blazer using the chess as the background always has the tendency to please, is with the vichy shower is no different, mainly because the domestic double with the tie in the fabric mix (maybe chambray or oxford) pulls the eye directly to the face, which is very positive, and accented by tailored trousers, dark and dry cutting. The footwear of course was featured in the summer can also repeat here to your success, making it clear that he entered once and for all in the repertoire of male is a white tennis shoes or as in this case the brogue ice.The details of the socks, bracelets, the scarf and the clock are discrete, but they help give more style and fun to the visual, showing his ability to show personality through your clothes.

Try this…

A scarf of fabric as well lightweight that it can be only an accessory visual if used well loose, but that it can serve as protection if well wrapped around the neck at the end of the day, when the temperatures start to recede and the cold wind can disturb. Stay in shades of navy, turquoise blue or celeste.

It would not be the same thing if…

the young man in the photo chose a plain shirt, giving the look of a face more serious, are these small choices that make the difference!

In short:

  • That chess vichy indicated for the summer also serves for the autumn;
  • The blazer of course helps to highlight the pattern below highlighting the face and the chest;
  • Pants with a perfect cut enhances the body, and the color leaves the focus where it should be: on the top part of the look;
  • Accessories and add-ons can be the icing on top of the sundae, think fondly of them, even in the semi;
  • Have to hand a scarf is lightweight and stripped down is a good way to add style and protect from the cold, if necessary.

Additional tips:

For chubby – the blazer of course you can get fat, this is the downside of the color, therefore, if you use it, choose a cutting with impeccable. If you opt for a scarf, careful with the volume in excess, they can leave your face larger or much rounded.

For kids – the silhouette sliced not help, but a shoe in a tone close to the shoes can help elongate the legs; a blazer cropped (shorter) is also another way of tricking the eye and leaving the bottom part longer.

For altões – in this case the blazer cropped is something to avoid, even in a look where we have a visual horizontalizado for the account of the alternation of colors between the parts; also please avoid shoes with soles too thick. If you have broad shoulders, consider wearing a tie to traditional instead of the skinny to keep the proportions.