The Look Right: Combining Lightweight Parts

One of the biggest advantages of the winter is able to superimpose various parts without having fear of passing heat, at least for those who live in the coldest cities! But in the spring it is also possible to venture some of the combinations in light layers, provided that the items chosen are appropriate to the local temperature.

The Look Right Combining Lightweight Parts

The look right this week shows how a shirt type henley (or collar Portuguese?) long sleeve, most commonly used underneath other parts, you can overlay a plaid shirt, without necessarily creating a visual winter, and heavy.

Why does it work?

The sober colours match very well between themselves, the pieces are simple, but the modeling thing gives trim elegant and lean, in addition, details such as the buttons and the sleeves folded, give personality to the look. The visual combines well with a boot, if you are going to use it for work or even a tennis shoes of canvas high tops for a moment of relaxation. Accessories such as watches, bracelets and rings are also welcome.


Wear a shirt with a floral print liberty for cheap, has everything to do with the station and the pattern creates a good visual effect combined with the piece that overlaps it, especially with the sleeves folded, as in the photo. More vivid colours can also be a good option to make the look less bleak.

It would not be the same thing if…

We used a simple t-shirt, long sleeve, crew neck with buttons gives a special charm to the look.

In short:

  • Lightweight parts can be used at overlaps, even if one is over the top, but traditionally it is used for low of the other;
  • Cuffs with buttons always appreciate the look;
  • A detail such as the folded sleeve can leave the show a little bit of the pattern of the shirt;
  • Floral print Liberty is an option for the shirt in this time of the year;

Tips complementary

Chubby and shorties

Choose pieces with colors close to, and to avoid the plaid shirt sticking out from under the blouse, this will slice the silhouette and draw the eye to the lower part of the look, when we want attention for our face.