The white shark is considered the most dangerous shark in the world. It is the shark to which the most common attacks on humans are attributed. However, confusion with the bull shark cannot be ruled out. The great white shark usually attacks from behind or below. Surfers and swimmers in dark clothing who are near the banks or at the estuaries are at risk.

Tiger shark

One of the ten most dangerous sharks for humans is the tiger shark, which is not only a hunter, but unfortunately is often also considered a hunted. It owes its name to the dark stripes on the body. It is the fourth largest shark in the world and can be 5 meters long and up to 50 years old. Tiger sharks are considered loners, mostly in the open ocean during the day and hunting in shallow coastal waters at night.

Bull shark

In addition to the great white shark, the sand tiger shark and other sharks, this shark is one of the ten most dangerous for humans. Experts believe that many white shark attacks on people actually originated from the bull shark.

Whitetip shark

This shark moves away from the coast, which is why it is unlikely to meet people. But there are a number of documented incidents that suggest attacks by sharks of this type against divers, boats and swimmers. The white tip shark belongs to the category “The ten most dangerous sharks in the world”. He owes this above all to his attacks on shipwrecked and crashed pilots during the Second World War.

Lemon shark

This shark with its bleached and scaly skin, to which it owes its name, lives mainly in shallow waters. The lemon shark is easy to provoke, making it one of the most dangerous sharks in the world for humans. Reports say that these sharks attack people with no apparent cause.

Blue shark

Blue sharks are considered potentially dangerous to humans, as several reports of shark attacks by these sharks say. Attacks by blue sharks on divers, boats and swimmers are known. However, the blue shark does not live near the coast, which is why an encounter with people is unlikely.

Bronze shark

These sharks are considered potentially dangerous to humans due to their aggressive behavior. There are few attacks on people who have been injured or killed. In 2011, a shark fatally attacked a surfer in Bunkers Bay, Australia. Experts attribute the attack to a bronze shark.

Great hammerhead shark

Because of its size and sharp teeth, this shark is able to inflict serious wounds on people. Reports from divers classify this shark as shy. Others report attacks by hammerhead sharks on divers entering the water. 34 known attacks on humans, 17 of which were not provoked and one was fatal, make this shark appear in the section: “The ten most dangerous sharks in the world ”.

Gray reef shark

These sharks, which are considered peaceful, pose less danger to humans than the sharks mentioned above. Humans must not come dangerously close to the gray reef shark.

This shark (see picture above) is not a major risk for humans, although accidents are known. These are due to carelessness and intrusive behavior by humans. Basically, the blacktip reef shark behaves shyly towards people and avoids them. He can react aggressively to threats.

Gray reef shark

The most dangerous sharks in the world