The New Collection of The Twins Olsen

I am rather astonished, astounded; because the last thing you would expect from the rich and eccentric twin would be that its new collection for the autumn, sobriety. His signature The Row has released a collection star that really looks like what a collection must thus be.

Sober colors such as white, black and a touch of color in red, mixed or monochrome, but above all elegant. No one is imaginary than the sweaters of cashmere of Mary Kate and their t-shirts rock wound up yielding place to white shirts and pants with Valencia. Of course the proposal is not permissive for mortals, we can surprise us with clothes, but see little chance that we can acquire them. Since this time the Dior and Balenciaga sneakers or clothing from flea market were out.

Has no hint of touch the reporter, but if cosotsa. A Tuscan sheep skin coat costs “only” $3,220, as well as cashmere jackets sleeves three quarters which will cost 1,700 dollars and dresses cut strapless by 875 dollars. But also the closest thing to a real budget are some Leggings for $360.

However, although the price was somewhat expected, designs on the contrary leave me speechless. There is no doubt that the Olsens can always reach it innesperado.