The Olsen Sisters Will Also Have Its Own Fashion Shop Online: Our Site

The business of the online fashion stores He has done no more than start. Major brands have their shops, some with a great success on its launch (Zara) which led to large companies such as Inditex to launch an online store for each signature of its catalog, something that will happen soon. When you arrive then the market will suffer a good change. In other League play the sisters Olsen.

Mary-Kate y Ashley Olsen they are not enough to have his own signature fashion (The Row) but that they now want to expand their degree of influence through an online shop to be called, where for the moment is the registration of new members, which will receive an exclusive t-shirt designed by the Olsen twins limited.

Shop seeks to offer a new concept of brand when buying online, seeking to give the experience of purchase with a personal stylist exclusive clothes. It launched with the support of the trading company BeachMint.

In the words of the own Ashley Olsen:

Online trading is the perfect medium for us to create a new brand that seeks to go further than the clothing itself, he is about the customer experience. BeachMint is the ideal partner because they share our vision for the brand and have the talent and resources to carry it out.

Meanwhile, Mary-Kate Olsen added:

BeachMint understands how evolving trade online and the importance of creating an authentic relationship between designer and client. With, Ashley and I have created an online experience that reflects our love of style and allows us to interact directly with the buyers, which is a new way of inspiration for us to create as designers.

The store will be open in July. Up to then to wait and think about what can go there.