The Piercing Invade Bonuses in The Autumn. Your Accessories Will Always Be Much More Rockers Than You!

The piercing and tattos have always been (and will be) the fear of every parent, the madness of the journey’s end-of-course and (currently) pure trend. It’s not that me much these fashion but I have to admit that the public profile that now makes them is changing. Fashion not only comes to (human) bodies but also to add-ins, so the trend as if didn’t have enough with the sticks piercing or the tattos of sticker now have the magic to wear these earrings but by way of attachment, without upsetting anyone.

‘Elephant’ bag Loewe already gave the stroke earlier this year, when many girls with style decided to invest in this made jewel bag. A flirty and fun design that today matures into an elephant rocker, punk or whatever you call. Two small piercing decorate the note of skin that adorns this plug-in and a thick and shiny chain end of Crown this bag that has become the need of many passionate of fashion.

Chiara Ferragni, could not be another, has been commissioned to fill all your shoe collection with slopes on all sides. She put more fashionable than ever these accessories (and tattoos also) among people with style and now is in charge of decorating their own products with an infinite number of piercing getting something really funny and very stylish. A pair of shoes that weigh to be tremendously rockers and current combine perfectly with any type of woman. Do you think this fashion?