The Problems of a Dress Strapless, by Sarah Jessica Parker

If Chloe we commented a few days ago the problems that had Jessica Alba to conform their baggy pants signed by Chloe, now the rebellion of the strapless dress is has “ priming ” with Sarah Jessica Parker, and that the Act which came was least adequate to give the show & #8230;

It was neither more nor less than of the debut as director of one of their brothers (they are seven), Pipper Parker, at the front of a documentary film that tells the story of three Iraqi translators who played life working for the enemy. Paradoxes of life: them, in favor of the understanding of who doesn’t want to hear talk of dialogue, they jeopardize their physical integrity and earn the adjective of traitors from his compatriots.

Well, political analysis aside, Sarah Jessica, your huge pictures tartan taffeta dress (an agradecidisima fabric) played it a trick and began you to “ drain ” down without mercy, upon arrival to the event. And I wonder, dear mia, what kind of “ cloth ” was that? Because I on new year’s Eve I did with one parecidisimo of Topshop, and not moved from its site in the night.

Anyway, dear Jessica, you were very pretty.