These Are The 11 Garments of Zara That You Must Buy in Your Last Hours of Sales and Thus The Combines

Rebates are coming to an end, the new season invades all the shops but is now the perfect time to find bargains. Zara has always been very faithful to the sales periods so tomorrow they will end the discounts and with them the opportunity to make us with clothes that we can take advantage of the last days of summer and, why not, the first of the autumn. You only need to search, find and have some luck in finding the size.

An army shirt

With one Basic shirt as these will be the solution for an infinite number of looks, you can combine it with a full skirt of sequins or embroidery to soften the look but also with colored denim clear and a cloth camel coat, you’ll have wonderful looks (12,99 EUR).

Some ripped jeans

Comment on how to combine a jeans It is something that I don’t like to do because there are so many variations and options that indicate some seems insufficient to me. However this season I would dare to say that it will be very successful mix with velvet and hair in different colors (12,99 EUR).

A t-shirt with a message

So yes, the t-shirts with message they are still the Queens. Basic but with a funny touch of letters that makes it perfect to combine with garments like pants tailor or pencil skirts. (5.99 EUR).

A top with ruffle

The flyers will continue to speak, now are in absolutely all sites, both in more ironic as skirts or dresses clothing but also accessories such as handbags or belts. This top is simple but at the same time has the grace of the great wheel, with a mini Cowgirl will be perfect (7,99 EUR).

A point sleeveless garment

The layers have become indispensable, Now you will see thousands of dresses on basic t-shirts in white lingerie but as soon as it starts to cool we replace those dresses with knitted garments that harbor something more (9.99 EUR).

A light top coat

If you can use rebates to get with Spring clothing you are very smart. This coat is perfect for every day during those hours when it cools a little more (19.99 EUR).

Black sandals

The Black sandals with the favorite footwear by many, they are used to every day, but also to go out and party throughout the year so these are perfect for buy on sale (15,99 EUR).

A beige sweatshirt

Because Kim Kardashian is making mischief getting fashionable these garments nude so she likes it. You just have to go to more modern stores to see how are inspired by family Kardashian (5.99 EUR).

A garment with ribbons

Tapes are trend, something uncomfortable for the winter if you have them covered with warm but very funny and original garments. With a white woven cowboy very broken and gilded accessories pants swept (5.99 EUR).

A bomber

If you continue taking much. We have him to thank Alessandro Michelle and Gucci. It has a color powder coating really nice by which it can be combined with a wide range of garments. (19.99 EUR).

A mini skirt

Who does not have a black miniskirt in the closet? It would be much better if it had a touch of style as an embroidery or some embedded stone but for this price do not request much more. Advantage to decorate it with your favorite top and you’ll be the Queen of the night (5.99 EUR)