Tokyo Fashion Week: Highlights of The Fourth Day (II)

Yesterday spoke of the first part of the fourth day of the Tokyo fashion week, and today I give the last look (now only lack the) fifth day, to come tomorrow) to Japan returning to praise his style but also with some other critical.

The last mark which appeared yesterday was Garconshinois, who was dressing women for the next Spring-Summer 2009 male lines. Between, we got the second show that took place Under Castle their new line of underwear (to the left of the initial image), collecting the witness of Writtenafterwards.

Although the good news came with the Mark Heath, under the design of Gentaro Noda. On this occasion the man It was the Center all eyes, and not in any way, but with a modern style, very casual, as the best European brands, and with inspiration from the city clear, although always betting on other courts. The jackets remain nearly identical, a button or two but nothing new, on the other hand the pants do not remain static. Nor do the sweatshirts or shirts. A very dark palette that feels very good for certain cities as London.

But we already know that the good does not last in the gateway of Tokyo. In the end, always appears the most shrill offering brand a no consistent show. Saw it the second day and also the third. So the room, It had to happen. On this occasion is the brand Gut completo Dynamite Cabarets which returns to the 80s and the English punk aesthetics. Complete Tracksuits with disastrous, printed designs of Tiger or Leopard for some inspiration or scarves and sweatshirts military boots. Note (as the only better), the Gabardine colorful with hints of the pop art. Everything else, dispensable.

But this time, the bad final proposal gets lift slightly head thanks to the Mark G.V.G.V., that wearing women with tight dresses (some more successful than others), returns to the established forms to give them their particular revision in the design. Predominantly black, with matching different colours, either with the blue (the worst sign of the collection), or with a soft beige. Mark attaches much importance to the ankle boots, you do not seem to leave us after this autumn-winter.

In the absence of a day, the Tokyo fashion week It shows all his cards and the same get excited It produced the opposite feeling.