Tom Form Opens Its New York Store

Has not been in 2006 as we had hoped, but a little later, but Tom Ford already has his own shop, in which her latest collection, which this time is for your own brand is on sale in New York: TOM FORD. All in capital letters, of course.

Anyway, the case is that we finally have a fashion entirely Tom Ford line. No updates for others such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Estée Lauder. After giving the first step with its line of glasses, and a second stride with her cosmetics line, it’s the turn of clothing. That Yes, only for men. Rather, Knights.

On the occasion of the opening of your store and your new signature, which launches in collaboration with the Zegna group, Ford has given an interview to WWD, that gives understanding in a veiled way that if Cary Grant lived is buy clothes in his shop. And in a less veiled way that, in reality, his collection comes to be the response to the dandy who, like the same Ford, was not in the shops nothing to convince you. Because of Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani clothes OK, but where is the talent and savoir-faire of the King Midas de la Moda, that will remove the rest.

Anyway, apparently Ford still as ever, very plenty of self-confidence. Of course, that it does not clarify if Ermenegildo Zegna can or not be a response to those gentlemen that he addresses with their creations. It will be that messing with the competition (not in the strict sense) is easier.

The flagship store is in 845 Madison Avenue, in New York. According to the account in the interview, would have preferred to open in London, but did not find any place that convince him, so he continued looking until he found that loved it. Although, he told us how Colino, soon there will be more TOM FORD stores in which to buy your glasses, its perfumes and its complete collection of super luxury.

The designer also clarifies that it is likely that there are similarities between their own collection and those designed years ago for Gucci and YSL, since always put much of himself in all his works.

However, this new venture is, without doubt, the most personal and therefore up to the store has been decorated in a similar way to how you decorated your home in London. A tad tacky for my taste, and that the combination of baroque furniture with simple spaces tend to like me, but… that carpet, those gilded armchairs, those mirrors, that table with Alligator… uff would slightly excessive, no?

As it could not be less, the inauguration of this new temple dedicated to fashion and luxury was celebrated in style with a party attended by some 200 guests. Among them, Anna Wintour, of course, a considerable part of the bud of New York society, and a few hardcore celebrities of the divo.