TopShop and The Model of Extreme Thinness: The Story Continues without Learning Anything

How many times we have read or heard the story that this or that brand has chosen one model of extreme thinness? Are it how many more will continue listening? TopShop seems that it must have been unwilling to ask such questions because it is inexplicable to miss the shot in his new campaign with one Codie Young unsightly.

With all the controversy that there is every time you a case as well and brands continue to play to the limit. It is absurd because at the end they end up with a campaign of lynching in the media wrapped with a thin red ribbon ready to be untangled in hours and hours of sticks to the sector of fashion and its imposition of certain canon of beauty associated with extreme thinness.

The medium which has amplified the controversy has been the Daily Mail. As is widely known sensationalism of the British newspaper, so this theme comes as ring to the finger. From its pages provide a size 32 to the model of the campaign (what comes to be a 4 in the United Kingdom and a 0 in United States).

With this campaign of TopShop some even come to doubt whether we talk about Photoshop or talk about the model is so thin. The face does not help, but his arm and how you feel the dress even less. So the protests from sectors and associations antianorexia have not been made wait. In the words of Helen Davis, Anorexia Charity beat.

For girls, see these images of models that are so thin suggests that it is well, when clearly it is not so. It is not the kind of thing we want to see in the magazines and on the Internet. The battle against eating disorders is permanent, and Topshop does not help. It is necessary to assume its responsibilities when it comes time to models so.

This time must be a worrying Photoshop error, something that neither justifies to TopShop, because this image will have passed by several controls before come to light and lead your website. It is true that it seeks to promote a model of female unsightly, more typical of a mannequin without filling. In the latest autumn/winter 2011 advancement models did not have this aspect.

On my part I consider a mistake continue walking this tightrope of extreme retouching and models turned into sticks without grace. So I see a very clear campaign by the media for stoking a recurrent controversy every x time. This does not justify to TopShop, who have done fatal, but I put on the table another factor that should never be forgotten when it comes to view a current topic.

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What do you think about TopShop campaign with a model of extreme thinness?

Update: Codie Young He has written a reflection on his blog.