US 259 ​​in Oklahoma

US 259
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Length 99 mi
Length 159 km



According to act-test-centers, US 259 ​​is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms a north-south route in the southeast of the state and runs from the Texas border through Idabel to the intersection with US 59 in Page. The route is 159 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At the village of Harris, the road crosses the Red River, which also marks the border between Texas and Oklahoma. US 259 ​​in Texas comes from Longview. The road then heads northwest through the wide valley of the Red River to the town of Idabel, where the road is double -numbered for a short while with US 70. The double numbering has 2×2 lanes. After Broken Bow you enter the Ouachita Mountains, a mountainous area with a lot of forest. There are virtually no villages or intersecting roads here. You then have to cross a number of steep ridges, up to about 600 meters. The road then ends just west of Page on US 59.


US 259 ​​was added to the network in 1963. The late addition is mainly because the road north of Broken Bow was not built until about 1962.

Traffic intensities

The road is pretty quiet, in 2006 there were about 2,400 vehicles between Texas and Idabel, and 8,700 on the double-numbered US 70. North of that, through the Ouachita Mountains, only 1,500 vehicles drove.

US 270 in Oklahoma

US 270
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Length 459 mi
Length 739 km









Geary – Shawnee:










According to liuxers, US 270 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms an east-west route between Liberal in Kansas and the Arkansas border at Page, passing through the cities of Oklahoma City and Shawnee. The route is 739 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Western Oklahoma

Confluence with I-40 west of Oklahoma City.

The road begins at the Kansas border, near Liberal. US 270 in Kansas runs just a few miles into Liberal, where it connects to US 54. The road runs due south and is double-numbered with US 83. Near the village of Turpin, the road turns east and joins US 64, which exits Guymon to the west. US 83 continues south towards Shamrock in Texas. The road then runs straight to the east for miles, over the High Plains that slowly merge into the Plains. In Forgan the road turns south onto US 64continues straight towards Enid. At Beaver, it crosses the river of the same name, whereupon the road turns east after 30 kilometers, becoming double-numbered with US 412, which comes from Guymon and Boise City to the west. The road then runs straight east for about 40 miles, passing through farmland and prairies. Then follows the intersection with US 283, the road from Altus to Dodge City in Kansas. US 183 also inserts into Fort Supply, creating a triple numbering. This continues until the small town of Woodward, where US 412 to Enid exits to the east. US 183 and US 270 then run southeast along the North Canadian River.

After about 50 kilometers you reach the village of Seiling, an important crossroads in the region. US 183 turns south to Clinton, and it also crosses US 60, the road from Amarillo to Enid, and US 281, the road from Alva to the north. US 281 and US 270 are then double-numbered together as they run southeast along the Canadian River. In Geary, US 281 to Anadarko and Lawton turns south, and US 270 briefly regains its own unique route. However, this only takes about 25 kilometers, at Calumet the road merges with Interstate 40.

Oklahoma City

see Interstate 40 in Oklahoma for the main topic.

Eastern Oklahoma

In Shawnee, east of Oklahoma City, the road again turns off I-40 and joins US 177 south. In Tecumseh, the road turns east and crosses US 377 at Seminolke, the road from Ada to Stroud on I-44. The road then runs through the agricultural areas of central Oklahoma to the southeast. You pass Holdenville and after 50 kilometers you join the US 75, the road from Tulsa. Both roads are then double-numbered for about 15 kilometres, and together they cross the Canadian River. Then US 270 turns east and continues east for 30 miles to the town of McAlester. On the west side of McAlester one crosses theIndian Nation Turnpike, the turnpike from Hugo to Henryetta and Tulsa. The road then passes through McAlester and intersects US 69, the road from Durant to Muskogee, which is mostly a highway. One then enters a somewhat more hilly area, and then 100 long kilometers to the east, through a wide valley of the Ouachita Mountains. One then crosses US 271, the road from Hugo to Fort Smith, before joining Heavener at US 59, the state’s easternmost north-south route. Both roads are then double-numbered for the rest of the route in Oklahoma. US 259 ​​ends in page, the road from Idabel in the south. After 15 kilometers you reach the border withArkansas. US 270 in Arkansas then continues towards Hot Springs.


US 270 was added to the network in 1930. The route then began in Harrah, Oklahoma on US 62, just east of Oklahoma City. The route was extended west to Watonga in 1932 and to Forgan in 1935. In 1938, the route was extended to Syracuse, Kansas and shortened in 1982 to its current starting point in Liberal, Kansas, on the Oklahoma border. Part of US 270 in Oklahoma City has been replaced by Interstate 40 in Oklahoma.

Traffic intensities

The double-numbered US 83 counts about 6,300 vehicles per day on the Kansas border, but only 1,200 are left when the road turns east. The double numbering with US 412 counts about 2,100 vehicles per day, which slowly increases to 4,700 at Woodward. The double numbering with the US 183 has 3,000 vehicles per day, and a similar number travels over the double numbering with the US 281. For the I-40, only 690 vehicles drive per day.

When the road turns off I-40, double-numbering US 177 at Shawnee, it counts about 14,500 vehicles, but that quickly drops to about 3,000 vehicles further east. The double numbering with the US 75 only has 1,700 vehicles, and 2,700 vehicles drive towards McAlester every 24 hours. The road between McAlester and Page is quiet with between 2,000 and 4,000 vehicles per day.

US 270 in Oklahoma

US 259 and 270 in Oklahoma
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