US 62 in Missouri

US 62
Begin Campbell
End Cairo
Length 87 mi
Length 140 km



New Madrid




According to Iamaccepted, US 62 is a US Highway in the US state of Missouri. The road forms an east-west route in the extreme southeast of the state and is largely double-numbered with US 60 and US 61. The road is 140 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 60/62 at Wilson City.

At Campbell, US 62 in Arkansas enters the state of Missouri from Pocahontas into the wide Mississippi River valley, although the river itself flows for about 60 miles to the east. The road heads east through Malden and merges with US 61 just before New Madrid, the road out of Blytheville. It then crosses Interstate 55 twice and the road continues north for 30 kilometers to Sikeston. At Sikeston, US 62 exchanges US 61 for US 60, the 2×2 divided highway from Poplar Bluff. Both roads are then double-numbered for the rest of the route in Missouri and run to the east, at first parallel to Interstate 57, after which the road crosses the Mississippi River at Cairo and US 62 in Illinois continues through Cairo to Paducah in Kentucky.


US 62 was added to the US Highway network in 1930. In 1929, the Cairo Mississippi River Bridge opened to traffic, over which US 60 and US 62 run. US 62 is of no particular importance to the state of Missouri. Part of it runs parallel to I-55 and I-57, so the route has no through importance except on the western part.

Traffic intensities

Every day 1,400 vehicles cross the border into Arkansas, which increases to 2,900 vehicles in New Madrid. There are 4,000 vehicles and 2,800 vehicles on the US 60 dual-numbering route to Sikeston. 3,000 vehicles cross the Illinois border every day.

US 63 in Missouri

US 63
Get started Thayer
End Lancaster
Length 339 mi
Length 545 km

West Plains

Willow Springs




Jefferson City






According to, US 63 is a US Highway in the US state of Missouri. The road forms a north-south route through the east and center of the state, passing through Jefferson City and Columbia, and is a major main route especially north of Jefferson City. The road is 545 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At Thayer in the Ozark Mountains, US 63 in Arkansas enters Missouri from Jonesboro and then heads northwest to the West Plains 25 miles away. There you cross the US 160. After this, US 63 has 2×2 lanes and heads north, through the Mark Twain National Forest. This is a sloping area with hills up to about 400 meters. In Willow Springs, US 63 merges with US 60. Both roads are then double-numbered for about 15 miles until Cabool, where US 63 heads north, and US 60 turns west toward Springfield. After this, US 63 is again a single-lane main road and begins a 100-kilometer route to Rolla.

The US 63.

This area is hilly and fairly densely wooded. You pass through a few villages before crossing Interstate 44 at Rolla. Then US 63 continues northwest and crosses the Gasconade River, one of the major tributaries of the Missouri River. This area is also hilly, although the differences in height are limited. However, there is a lot of forest and small river valleys. Just before Jefferson City, US 63 merges with US 50. Both roads then cross the Osage River and have 2×2 lanes. On the outskirts of Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri, the road becomes a freeway. In downtown Jefferson City, US 63 exits north along with US 54from Springfield. One then crosses the Missouri River, which is wide here. Shortly afterwards, US 63 turns off US 54, which continues as a highway to Fulton and Mexico. US 63 then heads north to the city of Columbia.

This road also has 2×2 lanes and you soon reach the city of Columbia, which is the largest place between Kansas City and St. Louis. US 63 bypasses Columbia as a highway. Halfway through you cross the Interstate 70. North of Columbia, US 63 is a 2×2 divided highway and passes through hilly terrain for a while before reaching the flatter northern Missouri. The road runs for about 60 kilometers to Moberly, where it crosses US 24. There are a number of reservoirs in this area and US 63 passes through vast meadows. About 40 kilometers north at Macon you cross the US 36. The US 63 then has 2×2 lanes until Kirksville, which is 50 kilometers north. Then the road narrows to a single carriageway. Just before the border with Iowa one crosses the US 136. US 63 in Iowa then continues to Ottumwa.


US 63 was created in 1926. The Missouri route was not a major thoroughfare, so no Interstate Highway was built parallel to it. Only the section from Jefferson City to Kirksville is of more through importance and is therefore four-lane, with some short highway sections. The first Jefferson City Bridge opened in August 1955, followed by the second in 1991. Overtaking lanes have been built in some areas in southern Missouri.

Traffic intensities

10,000 vehicles cross the Arkansas border every day, which will remain stable until the end of double-numbering with the US 60 at Cabool. After that, 5,000 vehicles drive towards Rolla and 4,000 to 8,000 vehicles north of Rolla to US 50. The double-numbered US 50 has 14,000 vehicles and 23,000 vehicles between Jefferson City and Columbia. North of Columbia, 12,000 vehicles drive to Moberly and 8,500 to Macon. Up to Kirksville, 6,000 vehicles drive and 2,000 vehicles cross the Iowa border daily.

US 63 in Missouri

US 62 and 63 in Missouri
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