According to Thedressexplorer, Vancouver is located on the southwestern tip of Canada on the Pacific coast in an area with a favorable climate where grapes, apricots and peaches grow. It is the largest city in the province of British Columbia, one of the main ports in North America and the largest port on the west coast of Canada. Vancouver stretches along the banks of the English Bay, where the Fraser River flows into. From the east it is surrounded by spurs of the Coast Range. Vancouver Central Business District separated from its other areas by numerous branches of the Fraser River, through which bridges are laid. Vancouver Bridges are one of the city’s top attractions. These are great places for walking with souvenir shops and shops. Downtown Vancouver is located on a peninsula.

Northwest of Downtown is Stanley Park. with cedar forests. The park covers 400 hectares, making it the largest urban park in North America. The main pedestrian area of Stanley Park is the seaside promenade. It has a length of about 11 km. This is a favorite place for walks of residents and visitors of the city. Bicycle paths are laid along the embankment. It is worth noting that the best way to explore the vast park is by bike. In addition, special buses run around the park. In addition to forests and beaches with ocean views, the park features totemic poles (iconic wooden sculptures of Canada’s first inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean), as well as an Aquarium and a Zoo. The Stanley Park Aquarium is the largest in the country. About 600 species of marine life are represented here. The main halls of the aquarium are the Arctic, Amazonian.

South of Downtown Vancouver is Granville Island. It is located under the bridge of the same name. The island has restaurants, numerous souvenir shops, shops and art galleries. On weekends, it is the venue for a variety of concerts and festivals. You can get to the island by a small ferry or a special aqua bus.

In Vancouver, the oldest quarter of the city is interesting – Gestown. It has been leading its history since 1867. The area is a mixture of old and new: Victorian and modern buildings, small markets and shopping centers. Vancouver is a city of immigrants, so here is Canada ‘s largest Chinatown with multiple markets.

Be sure to visit the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Garden, which is located on the highest city hill (167 m). The area of the garden is 52 hectares. Also noteworthy is one of the country’s main shopping areas – Robson Street, Vancouver University Botanical Garden, Nitob Japanese Garden, Christ Cathedral (Vancouver ‘s oldest church), Museum of Art, Vancouver Museum with a planetarium, Anthropological Museum, Maritime Museum and the Harbor Center Tower with viewing platform.

Vancouver surrounded by 18 km of sandy beaches that start from Stanley Park and end on the other side of the English Bay. The most popular beaches are Stanley Park Beach, Kitsilano Beach, Jericho Beach , Spanish Banks Beach, LocarnoBeach , Point Bay Beach, Acadia Beach, and the Tower Beach. Even in summer, the temperature of coastal waters does not rise above +18 degrees, so the beaches are used mainly for picnics. Swimming pools are installed on city beaches, and all beaches have showers and changing cabins. Northwest of Vancouver , the Sunshine Coast beach area is very popular.

Capilano Park is located near Vancouver. Interesting here are ancient forests with many trails, Capilano Canyon, through which a long suspension bridge is laid over 100 years old, and waterfalls on the Capilano River. There are several ski resorts in the vicinity of Vancouver. Whistler Resort, which is one of the most popular skiing destinations in North America, is located 120 km north of Vancouver on the slopes of the Coast Range. The ski season lasts here from November to August. The resort consists of two zones – Whistler and Blackcomb. The total elevation difference is 1632 m, the highest point is at an altitude of 2284 m. The resort has 200 slopes, of which 20% for beginners, 55% of medium difficulty and 25% of difficult ones, and 33 lifts (2 high-speed gondolas, 6 high-speed 4-wheel chairs)., 2 three-seat, 1 two-seat, 5 rope tows). Whistler also has all the possibilities for snowboarding, heliskiing and freeriding. The infrastructure of the resort meets the highest requirements, there are ski schools, equipment rental, more than 100 hotels of various levels, more than 200 restaurants with dishes from various cuisines of the world, bars, nightclubs, an ice rink, gyms, golf courses, snowmobile rentals, mountain bicycles and sledges.

Close to Vancouver also located ski resorts – Cypress, Mount Grouse and Mount Seymour. The Cypress resort has 47 ski slopes on the slopes of two mountains, 19 km of cross-country ski trails and 5 ski lifts. Cypress is located on the territory of the provincial park of the same name, so you can relax here in the summer. The Mount Seymour Resort has the highest base elevation (height at which the main infrastructure of the resort is located) – 930 m. The resort offers 24 ski slopes and 5 ski lifts. The Graus mountain resort has 26 slopes with the possibility of skiing at night and 7 lifts. The elevation difference is 384 m.

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)
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