To see more information other than history, please visit Abbreviationfinder to learn more about climate, population, government, and economy for the country of Vatican. The pope acquired many powerful enemies. Not outside the Catholic Church but inside. The backdrop was his cleanup in the church’s criminal activities: finances and pedophilia. And his more progressive approach to the world than his heavily right-wing predecessors. One of the Pope’s most ardent opponents was North American right-wing Cardinal Raymond Burke. Burke had in 2014 invited Donald Trump’s later Nazi adviser, Steve Bannon, to speak at a conference in the Vatican via video link from California. Bannon took the opportunity to rant about the need to reinforce the “Judeo-Christian” axis facing atheism and “Islamo-fascism.” While Burke was attached to the extreme right in the United States, during the US election campaign, the pope took the opportunity to criticize Donald Trump for this repeated rape and assault on women.not voting for Trump, but facing Clinton’s support for abortion, a majority of Catholics voted for the rapist anyway.

  • Countryaah: Check to see the location of Vatican City on the world map. Also covers major mountains, rivers and lakes in Vatican City.
History of Vatican City
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