Why Your Leather Jacket May Come from Dogs or Cats

Hardly an issue so quickly get people on the Palm as fur! But now there is a new trend of the dislike, with which we will see our beloved leather jacket with other eyes: so many leather goods according to PETA should come from their favorite four-legged friend!

If this continues, we will clothe us in vegan fashion. A dark blemish liable, on despite current trend comeback on the catwalks of designers, especially fur and leather clothing. Consumers know thanks to undercover investigations by PETA and other animal protection organizations, that the origin comes from fur and skins of animals, who must spend their short lives in cruel conditions in tiny cages. But what now has been revealed by PETA, brings us to the creeps!

Even luxury designers to partially work according to PETA research with incorrect leather, because the leather goods come from China – and also cats and dogs are processed

Are you Matt?
So dogs and cats used actually for the production of leather fabrics! Even luxury labels rely on animal skins, which may come from India, China or any other country without applied animal protection law. China is very bad. Then, the world’s largest producer country used skins of street cats and dogs for textiles. Because in China fur and leather are often cheaper from these animals. It is not clear how many of them are killed per year. We know whether now leather from beef, pork or cat – none of them is an option for vegetarians. However the livestock include beef and pork in Germany, whose processing leaves no queasy feeling at the most.

Detection characteristics of “clean” leather
But how do you know whether perhaps a Kitty had to let their lives for his leather jacket? Unfortunately not at all. “There is no marking or labelling, which animal the leather came from. Even the label ‘Made in Italy’ is not always non-violent. Only for special quality products, this is specified for example in leather,”says Dr. Edmund Haferbeck by the animal rights organization PETA.

Common fur and fur labels there is at least a kind of code, that reveals the true animal for the use of the textile. So “Gae-Wolf” stands for House dog or “Maopee” for a black domestic cat.

Even luxury labels are not safe from dog and cat leather
Also you cannot recognize as the end user, which designers use the banned cats and dog leather. “The leather goods marketed Yes through wholesalers. Here, you can no longer trace back the origin. Certainly not in China or Bangladesh, where even the sacred Indian cows are processed into leather”, Dr. Haferbeck outraged himself.

So what can you do?
Who will not want to go without on leather, should rely on synthetic leather or vegan leather. Pretty cool: “Leather” jackets made of Cork by the Hamburg eco-label bleed.