Zara Inside: a Trip to The Headquarters of Inditex in Arteixo

When one thinks of a Spanish company that has been successful internationally, managing to be at the top of its market, the result, increasingly, brings with it the name of Inditex. The company that Amancio Ortega a multinational giant that has already changed the fashion market founded there by the year 1974 is today.

From Zara They invited Jared to visit the facilities of Arteixo, A Coruña and the result of the journey left me impressed. You know that I’ve always been a big fan of the movements of Inditex with most of its brands, which, moreover, I am a buyer, but did not expect me to find an organization and a feeling of strong team as he saw.

The building of Inditex in Arteixo

The journey from Madrid begins shortly after getting off the plane and out of the airport of A Coruña. In just minutes, the car becomes headquarters that Inditex has located in Arteixo. The leading company in the international textile market since 2000 in a small Galician town located in buildings where more than 3,000 people work and are the brands Zara, Zara Home y Uterqüe.

As you approach the architecture of the building impresses more. Fortunate that touched us to live for the moment in that the companies realize that a modern building communicates so much as a good campaign in outdoor advertising. A building covered with large windows where the light enters by all sides.

The essential figure of commercials at Inditex

The members of Inditex’s corporate culture is something that deserves to be highlighted before or after, as well as the figure of the commercial. All we ask How can Inditex locate current trends? and, to a large extent, the answer to the question leaves us to how skillful commercial links between shops and designers.

In the shops The managers communicating with Inditex commercials and are those who detect the wishes of consumers to start sales and what people see while buying. These data are one of the keys to the dynamism of the company in adapting to the market. The commercials are studying them in a constant work with the designer They tell you everything is produced at that time so that it knows what it is demanding.

That dries up the rose in Tokyo, Madrid or New York, they know the day that they will have to promote more this color. And so with the rest of fashion. After your designs will go through the pattern makers to adapt them to a comfortable and suitable for the public style. When they have approved eventually on the factory to move forward steps in the face of the finished.

In addition to this ongoing work with the commercial, the designers travel to the cities most fashionable and do not stop inspired by what you see, whether it’s music or movies, street style or seek a higher risk with innovative designs.

The distribution of the plant where these professionals are working has a long row of tables in the middle of the room which are located in the commercial, with the designers at the sides and the pattern makers at the end of the same. That same floor is divided into Zara woman, Zara man and Zara home.

Inditex Logistics Center: a marvel of engineering

The entire design is fantastic but manufacturing and distribution they are two essentials in any company. According to the organisation, Inditex part in the opposite direction that the majority of companies. Customer is the first of its scale, then stores that collect the information previously discussed are, then we have the design, manufacturing and distribution. In other textile companies scheme varies, leaving the design in the first place, with periods over a year to think about future collections that are in danger of becoming stagnant in the store not to be adapted to the trends and needs of the people at the desired time.

The terms of manufacture Inditex clothing can come to the three or four weeks If all is well and have it in store in just 24 hours If we speak of Europe o 48 hours If we go to the rest of the world. A speed is only achieved by effective logistics centre and effective communications.

The Logistics Center you have to see it. Even though I reality can tell it outperforms the words. All automated so that a garment that is being manufactured on the ship equis reach ceta ship by a tunnel underground direct to be distributed. Through digital codes garments wings from one side to another in a cold masquerade ball covered in plastic indicating its State fresh out of the oven. Then end up in boxes that lock operators to reach the truck by other own a roller coaster circuits.

Y from Arteixo Zara distributes worldwide.

The shop windows and shops inside art

From Arteixo is not only designed and sent new clothes to all parts of the globe, but it also decisions for will all stores be Zara (male and female), Zara kids, Uterqüe and Zara Home. You have a floor inside the building dedicated solely to this. Fictional shops you recreate how will be the real ones we see in our cities.

There you can stroll through all of them as if you were in one of the street with the exception that there is no shop staff. It is deserted. The same as the area dedicated to the Shop windows. When you walk into that area is all white. Soaring and sides walls showcase will see in any country. The windows are one of the keys to a company that not spending money on advertising and care for them the most.

Also have a reserved space next door for everything to do with the monthly ad and various catalogues.

Inditex now is testing the new look of its stores in a shopping center that just opened in A Coruña, specifically in the Marineda City. There Zara It has become the most nearby that may currently be a boutique. Minimalist design that impresses by the elegance of the proposal. Bershka manages to reinvent itself in a store clean, white and with lights and colors very well placed. But for my taste I prefer renewal of the Pull & Bear. The young brand has gained in quality and presentation more than the rest, since Zara plays in another League and Bershka doesn’t impress both.

As a curiosity, in Zara we are to Amancio Ortega proposing ideas to improve this new image. A man who could be enjoying the daily rest period is involved even in these little details. The concept of President that we tend not to bear in mind.

After a journey so one understands part of the the Zara business success. It’s all very well thought out, teamwork is essential, fitting one piece with other and managing to adapt to the tastes of the society at every moment without leaving a broad margin to go on delivering their grain of sand in the world of fashion and street style. This has been only a short, long, and short, because they have to have hours and hours.

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